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Friday, January 19, 2007

As someone that hadn't been playing much poker as of late, this whole debaucle is still fucking depressing for many reasons, at the top of which is that I don't even have the decision to play if I wanted to. I never kept much money online in a bankroll, preferring to use whatever minute amounts I've won for things that I wanted that required splurging, like my laptop, but now I don't even have the option to start up again.

By the way: thank you, Absolute, for the free $5 you put in my account yesterday. I'm going to run that up to a bazillion dollars and buy my own internet ready island in the South Pacific, complete with a lifetime membership to and a neverending supply of peppermint lotion.

There are many questions that have been answered by people much more educated on the subject than I, but I still have one question that I'm too lazy investigate; why isn't online gambling and such being taxed? I mean, it's obvious that there's a shit-ton of money hot potatoed around daily on various gambling sites, and we all know that the goverment likes them some money. Boy do they like them some money.

Is it dense of me to believe that because these companies aren't located in the United States, and therefore aren't required to pay taxes(right?), that the government is doing whatever it is they can to shut down every possible site in order to ultimately set up their own goverment-run sites? Am I that dumb? Or has this been the speculation the whole time and I just haven't seen it? Why wouldn't this be part of their Master Plan?

I find it hard to believe that The Powers That Be would pass on another guaranteed revenue source such as online gambling.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Phew. I just finished cleaning out my bloglines folder, paring down the numbers, and boy are my arms tired. I now have a manageable number of 85, and that's even after I realized that I didn't have Jason, Daddy, or BloodyP in there anywhere and added them.

For shame, me. For shame.

Since it is the new year, and I've been seriously lacking in my writing, I figured I'd go ahead and make one, huge goal for myself; write more. I'm not calling it a resolution, because resolutions are stupid and so are the people that make them. Shut up, you are!

We'll call it a "goal". Yeah, that's perfect.

The main problem with writing is my sheer laziness. Also, I've had or have at least 5 sites spread out across 3 platforms, and that's painfully inefficient. I've got a LiveJournal. Shut up, I started it at the very ripe age of 26, back when I didn't know any better. I've used the blog feature on MySpace, too, but only because it's gotten me laid on more than one occasion.

Fine, once, but don't tell my girlfriend that. She thinks I've been around, and I'd like to keep it that way. Wait, what? Nevermind.

I also have three Blogger blogs, one being a joint effort that you're never going to find out about, so don't even ask. I'd like to get away from Blogger eventually, but I don't know shit about WordPress or Moveable Type. Template changes confuse and frighten me. So for now I'm not going to be doing too much in the way of moving around, unlike some people I know. Ahem.

My solution to this problem is to cut out some blogs of my own. Most of the time when I write an entry, I just copy and paste it, say, from LJ to MySpace, so they end up being repeats anyhow. That's stupid. I've never moved off those two sites because I've had people that consistently read there, and I wanted them to be able to read what I wrote with minimal hassle. At least I'd like to believe that people still read. Oh my god, nobody is reading, is they!

Annnnyhow, that just led to more hassle for me, though, and since I'm the selfish type, that's going to change. Sucks to be those guys.

So, from today, January 4th 2007, (until I bore of doing so), I'm going to stop posting on LJ and Myspace, and point(I may redirect them, too, but I haven't decided that yet) everybody that reads there to the following sites:

Pokeramarama (obviously, since you're reading it from, well, here)
Irritable Male Syndrome

The latter is, as very few of you know, a site that I've had for almost two years, but rarely used due to the other outlets. The title has nothing to do with me being irritable, or even male for that matter. It does, however, have a much better ring to it than ""

So, add them both to your bloglines(or whatever RSS feed reader you choose) and enjoy. If you don't use Bloglines, what, are you fucking stupid?

Happy new year, folks! I always enjoy alienating new people right off the bat.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New year, many changes. Well, for a myriad of other people that deserve it. Kudos to each and every one of y'all for the new blogging locales. I wanted to give you props, too, but that's downright gay.

The only downside of all of this, albeit a bit selfish on my part, is the increased amount of blogline feeds I have to read. I am perched precariously--but not really--above 100 feeds, and my time seems stretched thin as is. It looks like I'll have to give up internet porn just to keep up.

Does anyone actually buy magazines and DVDS anymore? I can't imagine.

I know you're dying to know how my New Year's Eve went, right? I know my audience.

I spent 8 hours on NYE parking cars. Car after car after car. Repeat as necessary. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though. True, staying at home drinking good beer would've been my first option, but come the end of the night, I know I was in a better spot than 90% of people who were able to go out.

I'd much rather work and make money than be the girl that was so drunk that she could do nothing other than slump on the cold sidewalk in a feeble attempt to not puke on herself. When I first saw her, she had some friends taking care of her. A few hours later, though, she was alone and about to get hauled away in the drunkmobile. I'm positive "open bar" sounds like a terrible idea right about now.

I saw someone clearly suffering from a Napoleon complex with a heapin' helpin' of roid rage get tazered by a police officer. He got kicked out of the party for trying to fight his friend, and when he was asked to leave, he tried to fight four security guards. The police were called and he was removed. When it looked like he had finally calmed down, he exploded again and started choking his friend. I was lucky enough to be stopped at a red light when the cop aimed his flashlight at him, ultimately tazering him from behind.

If you've never seen someone--that clearly deserves it--get tazed, you're missing out.

He let out a loud, gutteral "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh", tensed, and dropped onto the sidewalk with a loud thud. I laughed.

I'm not sure which is more worse; the type of person with so much anger that they want to punch a hole in their friend's face, or the person that keeps that asshole as a friend.

I finished work at 3am, stuck around near the back of the restaurant taking advantage of an open bar of my own. I finally got home at 4:30am and fell asleep around 5:30am, happy with the notion that I'd be able to wake up the next day not feeling like I'd drained, and was subsequently hit in the chest by, a 1/4 barrel of The Beast. Ice, of course.
On the poker front, there's not much to talk about. I've been playing a little bit, and if you'll allow, I'll say that I've been playing fucking awesome tournament poker. I've won $25k in the past month!

I wish.

Subtract 3 zeros and that's closer to the correct number. That's not a big deal, though, as it was never my intention to make money over the past year from playing poker. I'd like to change that. I'd also like to utilize this space, and others, more, but that's like asking beer to fall from the sky.