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Thursday, November 19, 2009

As of 9:11pm on Thursday, I am no longer the king of my own castle. And I didn't relinquish that title or my balls to my girlfriend, either. No, it is now a 3lb ball of fur that currently responds to(or doesn't depending on how he's feeling) OwDon'tBiteTheFace!, or Get Outta There! I'm not sure which will be easier to scream at 5:45am-his current play time-when he's stalking my nose hair in pitch black, so we haven't settled on a name yet.

Cats are weird.

Speaking on the subject of herding cats, I won't be going to Vegas with all y'all in the next few weeks. Sad, I know. While I could possibly make it work financially and find a place to sleep, and I would be able to afford bar-related antics, I wouldn't be able to PAI-GOW! or play the original no download poker, live poker at IP. What fun is that? I can walk around, drunk, talking to random people in Minneapolis, too, and this way I can save money on airfare.

Oh yeah, and I'm not going to Vegas until stripperbynight goes, too.