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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm sure more than a few of you won't care because you're attending "The Bash",(pfffft) but I've got my own little bit of liver destroying fun to attend to this weekend.

Autumn Brew Review

Only beer people will care enough to click a link to a PDF, but there it is. Click it. You know you want to click it. It's a big beer weekend here in Minneapolis, and I might just have to take tomorrow off work in order to prepare.

There's another beer event at Stub & Herb's tonight that I'd like to attend(which is why I'll need tomorrow off), but that could get a little expensive. Good thing I won 10 buy-ins at my own home game last weekend, huh?

How's that for poker content? If you just said "awesome!", you'd be right.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here are a few things I'd rather not talk about with you(yes, you!):

Palin jokes(Michael exluded)
Tony Kornheiser, Shannon Sharpe, Terry Bradshaw
Air travel
This a-hole
Poker tournament coverage(TOO FUCKING MANY TO FOLLOW)
The term "Nanny State"
Thug life
The Death Penalty
Gas prices
The weather
People trying to lowball a $50 Craiglist sale by $10. If you can't afford the extra $10...nevermind.
How much [insert random company here] sucks.
[insert random sports team here] inevitable collapse or unavoidable curse.

Here are a few topics I will readily engage in with you:
The "I'm a shark" meme
This article (I'm all of them!)
The brilliance of the Hot Pocket
My secret desire to beat the crap out of someone trying to mug me. With a brick.(not much to this other than what I just wrote, though)
Chicken recipes

That is all.