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Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's high time for a from-the-bar post, is it not? Me thinks so. I apologize in advance if this comes off as stilted and disjointed, but I'm a little distracted right now. Sitting in a comfortable chaise at my favorite bar, trying to look important, when I look up only to see the girl that BloodyP unintentionally wingmanned for me when we hung out a few months ago. At least I think it's her. I'm not sure.

She's drinking a glass of red wine, reading a book, acting wholly disinterested in me, so that should be a dead give-away that it's her, but I can't say that I quite remember exactly what she looks like. Ah, how I love alcohol.

I'd ask her name, but I don't think that would go over all too well with The Girlfriend. The Girlfrfiend is at home, in St. Paul. Um.

Oh well, the girl at the bar has dumps like truck, so it really doesn't matter if I find out if it's her or not. That, and I've already got a source of sex that I don't want to fuck up quite yet. That counts for something, too.

On Friday while walkiing from my car to apartment after work, I noticed that I missed a call. Turns out that it was the venerable Iggy, saying that he was in Minneapolis for a few days and would I like to meet up with a drink. Unfortunately he called at 11am, and I didn't get done with work until late in the afternoon, so I wasn't able to meet up with him for drink or thrity-five.

[The bar I frequent has something called "Ipod Sundays". You bring in your Ipod, and the "DJ" will play your playlist. Right now Bon Jovi is being rocked, Dead or Alive style.]

I feel a little out of the community loop lately, pretty much because I haven't been playing poker. Nothing of note, anyhow. I did play a few Titan freerolls on Friday, netting me $2.25 and an entry into an tournament where the prize was an entry into a satellite of a satellite of a satellite. Something like 15 tournament cashes would've won me an entry into a $10 tournament. Felt like it at least.

I've still been randomly reading random poker blogs, barely commenting, though. But I'm still around. And I'm not going anywhere. More than poker, more than a silly card game, the people that I've met and the crazy internet friends I've gained are the main reason I'll stick around.

That, right there, is the good grammar. Wow, even I want to have sex with me after reading that.

Every Rose It's Thorn

Bloody P, it's her, yes it is. Funny thing, that alcohol.

Where was I? Oh yes, the community.

I may not have had much to say in regards to poker lately, but goddamn it, I'm not done in this space. There are some amazing people in this community that are unfallible, and unpossibly inpressive, and good can only come from my participation here. Hell, I'd even say that this community has changed me for the better. Now I don't make fun of every retard I see, only those that deserve it. And there plenty of those non-traditional retards in the world to satiate my desire to mock.

Example of the impressivity; where else are you able to find a situation where one guy buys another airfare for Vegas, and not once asks for recompensation in the form of disgusting and compromising sexual favors? Not many places, I'll tell you that much.

And that nobody will let go my puking in UCLA parking ramp #7? And I'll forever be known as Pukeramarama? That's a sign of good people right there, folks.

And when people you don't even know do their best to get you laid? Good people.

There are too many good things that y'all have done to list. So, what I'm saying, other than I'm too lazy to list 'em, is that even though I may not be active in the poker portion of this community at the present, I'm forever indebted to many people that reside here.

And, as sandy-vaginatastic as it sounds, I'll forever be grateful.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


They say that the 3rd time is a charm.

I don't know who "they" are, but they could be on to something. Bobby
Bracelet and his merry band of Do-Gooders, has struck again. I tell ya,
if I was a girl, I'd be all over Mr. Bracelet. The dude has everything
going for him. He's like a living breathing example of what the word
Perfect means. Plus the size of his heart is only exceeded by the size
of his Thrice Confirmed Huge Junk. Hear that ladies?

Anyhow, the 3rd edition of his Auction For Peyton is up!

Now hustle yourself over to ebay and find yourself something to bid on.

Antonion EsFandiari Photo

Michael Gracz Photo

Erick Lindgren Photo

T.J. Cloutier Photo

Carlos Mortensen Photo

Daniel Negreanu Photo

David Williams Photo

Layne Flack Jersey and Photo

Kenna James Cowboy Hat

Card Player Package

Hellmuth DVD Package

Plus, there is rumors that Bobby is going to put together a special package to
add to the auction within the next day or two. He hasn't told me what it is,
but expect it to kick ass if he does it. Because that's how he rolls.

Friday, August 04, 2006


It's Friday, I haven't had a drink yet(it's 7&7s in the me household tonight), and the 9th "best" art fair in the country, according to people that have nothing better to do than judge fucking art fairs for a living, is one block from my house right now. What does that mean?

Well, it means that there's even less parking in the area, but I've learned to park my car Thursday morning and not move it until Sunday evening. It's a good thing I have absolutely no life. This weekend is the very definition of clusterfuck. It also means that the 'hood is chock full of old people, slow walkers and giant, double-wide strollers.

This all adds up to one crabby Chad. That's not all that's contributing to my mood, though. The following is a list of my irks, as of 7:05pm, CST on Friday August 4th.

**Magazine inserts--I was sitting on the shitter the other day, reading the new Men's Journal, when my lap was dive-bombed by 21 3x5 cards advertising the exact same magazine that I was holding; the exact same magazine that I have a two year subscription to. Are these really necessary?

To make matters worse, one of the cards fell in the toilet. That caused quite the conundrum, because I didn't want to stick my hand in there, and I knew there was no way in hell that it was going to flush in it's present state.

So, I walked away and let my roommates deal with it.

**Min-raises on a .25c NL table. 'nough said.

**Min-bets into a kajillion dollar pot not intended to be blocker bets.

**People calling me when I raise. Always fucking calling me. How frustrating.

**That my girfriend is going to the Butch Walker show tonight. I told her to pick me up one of those shirts saying; "My girfriend got backstage at the Butch Walker show, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. And herpes. And The Clap. And..."

She did not find it quite as funny as I did.

**That I suck at poker.

Time for drink #1.

Aaaaand, I'm back.

**Party software--I don't care how soft the games are; the interface still sucks, the cashier is slow when you just from one table to the next, causing, for me at least, to have funds in limbo when I want to immediately jump to a new table(I have less than $100 on the site), and, well, I don't need another reason. I wouldn't be playing there if PartyGaming hadn't given me $25 to dick around with.

I love Party Poker!

**Box Elder bugs--From what my google search told me, box elder bug populations grow in drought conditions. Last week we had our first significant rain in a little over a month, and those little red fuckers are all over the south side of our apartment. I should consider myself lucky that the floor our rooms are on is well-sealed, otherwise they'd be crawling over me while sleeping, and I can't have that. Bitches would be cut.

Ok, this might turn into an almost live blogging session. I need to post something before everybody takes me off their blogroll.