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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A new post!

I'd hate to see this site die a slow, unfunny death(like donkeypuncher or Garth's site, BOOYAH!), and I'd really like my both of my advertisers to renew soon, even though both renew dates have long since past, so why not write something? Laziness, that's the only reason.

The girl and I are moving in 11 days and both of us a psyched, jazzed even. The new place is 9,000 square feet, has a semi-private rooftop deck, comes with it's own butler and masseuse(has to be two different people, per the lease agreement) and is mere steps from our submarine dock, so that's pretty sweet. Our own bungee jump will be pretty sweet, too.

If I was the stripclub going kind of guy, the location would be perfect. It's still perfect, but the proximity to 3 buildings that house not only naked ladies, but naked ladies that are cockteases, well, that's perfect for out-of-town guests that may or may not show up for a Twins game next year.

Speaking of, the 2010 schedule comes out in September, and then single game tickets go on sale sometime in March, so I'll have a better idea how I have to go about getting tickets for the new stadium. I figure it will be easy to get tickets for late summer weekend games once the novelty of the place wears off. Tickets will be easy to come by if the Twins keep getting shellacked like they did this weekend. Mary, mother of god that was painful.

So, yeah, that's that. I've been trying to send pictures from my phone to this blogger for the last hour, and they just don't want to cooperate.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Chilly said...

Who are you?

Are you the tall one?


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