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Monday, December 01, 2008

9 days, my friends. 9 days. Giddyup and giggity all at the same time.

Where to begin? How about some poker content? The hell I say! And we're off...

I deposited $50 way back in September with no false hope that I could turn that into a brazillion canadabucks. My 'bankroll' since that time has fluctuated between a mythical $10 and $250, and thank the lord almighty, our savior jesus christ for rakebake, because that's the only thing that's been keeping me afloat.

I can't say that I'm totally, IDK, BFF with poker again, but I can't say that I hate it. I can, however, say that I wish fantasy football would die in a fire. My entire season came down to--count them--one, two, three, four yards. What a waste of $50.

On Saturday night I had exactly $17 in my Full Tilt account. I also had about 10 beers in my belly, but that's not that important in the story. Or maybe it is. At any rate, there you go. I played a few mini buy-in tournaments without anything happening. I busted out 4th in a 1800pt Tier One SNG. After that I finished in the top three of another Tier One tourney, earning myself a pretty little peep.

There wasn't enough time left in the night to play a large MTT(I probably would've passed out in the 3rd hour), so I made what was a stupid drunken decision and turned that peep into a $410 win in a $26 45 person SNG. (I am indeed results oriented. So what?)

Yes. Me. I took first in a tournament. I realize that it was only a small SNG, but stop shitting in my cereal, would you? I deserve to be happy. Let me be happy. One note of poker advice from dear unkie Chad--it's so much easier to win a tournament when you're dealt AA heads up when the other person thinks their A10o is a monster. I shit you not.

Even though I'm so flush with cash now, I probably won't be playing poker in Vegas. Have you seen the kind of people that touch those casino chips? At the IP of all places? I'd almost rather roll around naked in a daycare during flu season than play poker at the IP.

Almost. (Fine, I'll take a seat over there. Now what?)

This Friday Molly and I are taking the long drive up to Lutsen, with a quick pit stop at Fitger's in Duluth on the way. Mmmmm...growley beer, winding, deserted roads after sunset--my favorite!

I'm a little disappointed, though, that I won't be snowboarding even one run while up at the largest "mountain" in the midwest. I may be stupid, but a $58 lift ticket for a resort that is only 25% open is ridiculous? Pass.

Friday night will be a little subdued, with just Molly, a jug of IPA, and I hanging out all night around a 20" tv and a gas fireplace. That's fine, because Saturday night is likely to get a wee stupid. You see, Molly has this sister. Said sister is a lesbian. Lesbians are crazy. Molly's sister is in a crazy lesbian band. Crazy lesbian band(Sick of Sarah--aw man, I just linked to a Myspace page. Kill me now) is playing at the bar/venue at Lutsen.

So, Saturday night it will be me, my girlfriend, and about 90 of her closest lesbian friends. I know you all want to be me, but I assure you that you do not.


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