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Thursday, June 19, 2008

You are, at this very moment, reading the blog of the #1 ranked Lunchtime Bowler for FNGS, and the greater St. Louis Park area, really. It's ok if you feel special. You are.

Every quarter my work division goes out for lunch, paid for by the company. A little something to say "Thank you for all the mind-numbingly boring work you do, day in, day out". I'd like to think it's also because we've gone 7.3 months without someone soiling their cubicle chair. Little victories.

The first time we had one of these lunches, we went to Dave and Buster's. I like video games, but all the games at the arcade sucked. Hey, I know! Let's throw in another shitty racing game that rumbles and kicks the player off in under a minute! Awesome. The most recent time before this, we went to Granite City, a pseudo-brewpub that doesn't brew on premise. They bring in a tanker truck full of beer that they brew off site and hook up a large hose to the side of the building. As you can probably guess, we weren't allowed to have any beer. It felt more like punishment than a reward.

This time, however, we went for lunch at a bowling alley not that far from our office. Classy! I've been at my job nine years, and we've probably gone bowling 6 or 7 times for various occasions, so everybody knows that I was the proud recipient of not one, but two college level credits in bowling--Bowling for beginners and Advanced bowling. The only difference between the two courses is that you have to average 160+ to get an A in the latter. In the former you just had to be able to name the differences between a bowling ball and a pin. I got an A in Beginner's because I'm smart like that, but I missed the same mark in the Advanced by 4 pins. I've never been more pissed to receive a B in college.

We knew that we'd only get to play one game, but what we didn't know, and what we were told when we arrived at the alley, was that the person with the highest score would get the rest of the afternoon off.

I could through the game, frame by frame, but you probably stopped reading this three paragraphs ago anyhow. Yet, you wouldn't be reading this if I hadn't bowled a 165, crushing everybody on my team, especially the women and that gimpy kid two cubes over that smells like carrots and CKOne. Who's the man now, dog? Me and that guy from Finding Forrester, that's who.

So, I'm sitting at home with a Surly Cynic that I picked up from the awesome new beer store The Four Firkins(oddly enough, it was right across the street from the bowling alley. Huh) and watching Germany make Ronaldo cry. Again.

It's been a good day.


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

I suggest finding another Minnesota bowler and challenging him to various bowling prop bets.

The key to winning: Don't let him drink.


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