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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you look to the right of my main page(for those of you that only read through rss--click through), you'll notice that I am excited about two upcoming trips, so excited that I decided to add countdown widgets that make my site look that of a retarded 14 year old girl. I'm cool with that. I tried to move Pokeramama to Geocities first, then Angelfire, but I was told I didn't have enough twinklies of fairies farting pixie dust, and also that I wasn't allowed because my site didn't cause seizures. Fuck.

Up first is Summit '08 in Chicago. For those of you not in the the know, it's kind of like Fight Club, not in that "I'm not supposed to talk about it" sort of way, but that there's usually way too much testerone and randomly placed dick and to speak of it would make most of those attending sound really, really gay. This year I hear women will be tagging along, so that should keep most people in check. Most. I'm looking at you DP.

Drizz and I will be driving down from Minneapolis on Thursday night and staying somewhere around Milwaukee that night. Even with gas prices driving is much, much cheaper, and it takes about the same amount of time than it does to fly if you take into account getting to the airport, waiting for the flight, flight time and then taking the train into Chicago. Also, this way we'll be able to partake in some of that hot middle-Wisconsin rest-stop glory-hole action I've read so much about in my most recent issue of Men's Fitness.

Not only do we have to get a rental car and a hotel room near Milwaukee, I need find an efficient way to get a 6'4" guy in a wheelchair in and out of that rental car(which if my past rental car experiences are any indication will most likely be a pink PT Cruiser). Any ideas will be considered, because damn it, I'm stumped.

After returning from Chicago, my body will have barely enough time before October, when I'm flying to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver with my girlfriend. I'm giddy beyond what I'm able to convey. 1800 beers samples? I'll be lucky to make it through 1/50th of that. Even less if I do something stupid, like drink nothing but big beers. You know, Colt 45, Beast Ice, stuff like that. Almost anything you can drink out of a tube sock covered 40, really. Mmmmm...hobo malt beverage.

What else? I've been playing a little poker the last few days, which has been interesting. I deposited a whopping $50 and cashed out after I massacred the table for an insane $75 profit. Hey, it paid for my GABF tickets, ok? I never claimed to be much of a gambler.

If you want, you may call me the Anti-Grubby.

And for all those that read my entire site through a rss feed, I guess you really didn't need to click through. I explained everything that needed explaining. Thanks for the traffic, though!


At 3:49 PM, Blogger The Bracelet said...

With girls there and no boxer machine I think we'll see much less testosterone.

Although you know me. Once I get that black sausage in me...

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Irritable Male Syndrome said...

Hold on just one second. No boxing machine? Are you trying to say that the bar we went to last year doesn't have it? What gives?!

Whatever will we do with our Saturday night now?


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