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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've got a problem.

No, that problem was cleared up a long time ago with a little penicillin.

The problem I'm referencing is a serious one, especially for a poker player. I'm positive there's a solution because I've seen all two of my readers go through similar circumstances. I figure I'll just outline what the issue is, and then ask for your input as to how you got past it. Not how I should, but how you, yourself, did it.

I have an everyday man's 9-5 job. Boring, to be sure, but a reliable job nonetheless. A year ago I'd come home from work, possibly work out if I hadn't done so the previous night, and the rest of the night was open, more often than not, for poker. There were many weeks in which I played more hours of poker than I worked at my regular job. Obsessed much? Obviously.

About 6 months ago, a female came along and outright tricked me into dating her, and as many of you know, these so-called "friends" that are "girls" require face time. They want to hang out, they ask for--nay, demand--time from you. Fine, I thought, I suppose that's the least I can do for a girl that gets naked for me, willingly. I can't imagine that's easy for her, either.

(Yes, I'm kidding about the girl taking all my time. She's amazingly cool with letting me have my space, whenever I want it. But she still wants some time from me, and that's cool, too. It still leaves less time for the poker, though. Not a bad thing of course, just stating a fact.)

A few weeks ago I took a 2nd job, not because I needed it, but because a friend got me an interview that consisted of "So, you know Rachel? You're hired!" Not only is it easy money, which I dig, but it also gets me out of my apartment when the last thing I want to be doing during the upcoming winter is sitting in my apartment. Not only do I get a touch of the SAD every winter, but the cabin fever makes me want to bang my head on the corner of an exhaust hood. The job is only a few nights a week and it takes away from my free time, mainly my poker time.

So, I'm not married with children, I have a girlfriend that doesn't whine and bitch when I don't see her 15 million times a week, but I work two jobs.

And I still have no time for poker.

When I get home from work I find myself wanting to do other things outside of poker, like figuring out why my fucking Tivo box won't connect to my router. It's running on a week unsolved, and I'm starting to get a little pissed off about it. I still love playing poker, but I find other things taking precedence. And now my brother is on this "You must play BF2142 with me!" kick, so that leaves even less time.

So, I ask for your input here;

How do you people with wives, kids, full-time jobs and a million more responsibilities than have I still find time for poker?


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Chilly said...

Those of us that have managed to get married, have kids and more responsibilites are obviously smarter than you.

When you're married, no one is getting nekkid, nor do they demand time. Its all about the space.

Kids go to bed at 8:00 (hopefully).

I only have one job that mostly consists of reading blogs and writing drivel like this.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Chilly said...

Also we dont waste time moderating comments on our blogs.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Hahahaha. Chilly made a funny!

I thought I'd have much less time to play now that the baby is here.

And it's about the same. I didn't realize how much this kid was going to sleep.

What has changed is that I don't spend five nights a week at my favorite bar. That time is now replaced with poker and homebrewing while the child sleeps.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Priorities baby. Figure out what is important and what is not and then work it out. I play poker when I know wifey has other shit to do and she is cool with it (and when the kids are not an issue). She even gasped when this new bill came out and was worried I was gonna lose my favorite past time. I thought that was kind of cool of her.

If your girl is cool with it, then you only have yourself to work on. If you want to play you will play...if you don't then you will find reasons or excuses not to.

Chilly make me laugh funny ha ha too.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger BSN said...

Re: "Nekkid" -- Chilly tells the horrible secret married people hide. He's out of the club.

I don't play nearly as much, nor as often. The "other stuff" is more important to me right now. I play when I want to, and when I have the time to play properly. Sometimes I go weeks without playing. No, really!

Trip's right: Priorities. You can't do it all. Make choices. Live happy. If poker makes you happy, play. If the easy-money-second-job makes you happy, work.

If the GF makes you happy - for the love of god, don't marry her! ;-)

(I keed, I keed!)

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Div said...

Less nights out and less sleep works for me.

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

As I now work in the city of Detroit, I just get hookers on my lunch hour so I can free up my normal hooker slot in the evenings (7:30-10:00pm) and play more poker.

I also gave my kids back. They were getting unruly. I'll get more some other time.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Bloody P said...

I cut down my masturbating to twice a day.

I now have plenty of time for poker.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Since I'm the planning type, I set aside a block of time at night after everyone is in bed before playing.

Kids get sleep.

Wife gets her space and sleep.

I get porn and poker.

Everyone = happy

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Guin said...

balance is something that you will always have to work on.

Expect that you will have to learn to give up a bit here and there but use your travel time to "think" about the game more.

Strange thing is that when I actually think about poker I actually get better... playing often makes me too laggy.

At 11:36 PM, Blogger PokahDave said...

I guess I'll defer to Chilly here...why say something that's already been said!

Well (I feel the need to elaborate here)...I do get out every now and then....the wife has stuff to do...then you do your all works out. That being that i have a kid and 50 bills a month I don't play as much as I used to...but then again I didn't really enjoy being obsessed with staring at my PC for 10 hours. I cherish the time I spend with my family and the times I can get out to play "live" poker way more than getting 2BB's per hour or whatever....I'm kind of drunk right now...I go to sleep.....

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I know this sounds lame...but take it from the number one player in the blogger world. Keep that crazy girl who puts up with you.

Rule 1: The girl is always more important that cards. If you have a rought time at the table don't get all crazy and show her your pimp hand is strong with she laughs about it.

Rule 2: Always use your winnings to spoil your girl. A pot of 15.00 bucks...take her to get her nails done and get yours done, too, man. Or tell her you are only 200.00 from a trip for both of you to Vegas and go win that will get more booty.

Rule 3: Be Mexican and have three jobs. Day, Evening Shift, and poker...all of them should be $ makers for you.


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