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Saturday, June 17, 2006

8:06pm: I'm bored, the beer is being converted to pee, I'm playing poker, and the WPT is on in the background. Oh yeah, I also just downloaded the TweakUI PowerTool so that Doyle's Room tables doesn't steal focus. I'm giddy, so I decided to liveblog the next few hours. Not that anybody cares, though.

8:09pm: I wish every hand turned into DQB Kings for me on the turn, with the opponent betting into me. It makes this game so easy.

8:11pm: Anyone else watch the US vs. Italy today? What a joke. Also, this is tough while two-tabling 6-max.

8:15pm Later tonight, I'll be heading to a local German bar called Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit. It's more fun to say than it is to look at. I'm a big fan of drinking from a boot(flick!), but I don't think that will be happening tonight. Something about the girlfriend and her friends not "being caught dead drinking from a boot". Blah blah blah. So glad I was born without a vagina.

8:20pmSo, the board reads 5d-6d-As-Ks-x. You've called bets all the way down with your QQ. What's your play on the river? You bet your whole stack(3x the pot), of course! And of course, the other guy--that was me--holds pocket kings. What a dipshit.

8:25pm There was just a commercial on Travel for Iconclasts with Renee Zellweger. Does anyone else thinks she looks like a FAS baby? Open your eyes, woman.

8:27pm: Oooh, someone just updated in Bloglines! Oh, just me. Fuck I'm bored.

8:32pm: Anthony Bourdain reminds me of an older, much older, Joe Speaker

8:33pm: I've given up on punctuation

8:38pm: For those of you that don't know, I won't be in Vegas in a few weeks. That's ok, though, because 4 times since December is more than enough. Oh yeah, and 69o is strong enough to call a preflop raise. Just so you know, you know.

8:40pm:Here I sit, trying to properly lubricate myself for later. I'm going out with all the girl's friends, so it should be interesting. Anyone want to set the over/under for the time I curl up in the corner with a 3L of Warsteiner and ignore everyone?

8:45pm: Pee break. This could take awhile. Don't wait up.

8:50pm: Doyle'sRoom has an annoying "It's your turn" buzzer, so I copied the Poker Stars equivalent over the top of it. Now with the sizable tables and the new themes, is there anything that Poker Stars doesn't do right? Well, outside of letting me win, of course.

8:55pm: There is nothing worse then your opponent getting a card that isn't the card they're looking for, but still totally cancels out your turned full house. Christ, people play bad.

9:07pm: I just remembered, again, that I can't play in the blogger tourney tomorrow. Anyone want to take my place? Hrm, I wonder if ZeeJustin is free.

9:25pm: My roommate and I are both watching the Stanley Cup Finals, I in the living room--where the Tivo is located--and he in the kitchen, without Tivo. Ward for Carolina made an awesome save on the line a few minutes ago, so I paused the Tivo because the roommate missed it. He came in the living room, watched to goal, and returned to the kitchen. A few minutes later, I heard "OH MY GOD, WHAT A GOAL!"

I was confused, because the players on my tv were still skating around all willynilly. Um, yeah, I forgot to go live and I was a minute behind real time. It freaked me out when he first screamed because I thought he could see into the future.

Yeah I've been drinking. shut up.

10:15pm: Ok, folks, that's it for me. It's time for the sniffsnuff and lederhosen. I hope mine still fits.

12:53am: Just returned from the worst bar of all bars. Before we left, I told the girls I was with that the bar was terrible. It took 5 minutes for them to realize that I was right. So terrible. And the Paulaner Hefeweizen tastes like ashtrays.

12:58pm: After watching the end of Poker Superstars(why? I don't know!) I have turned my attention to the Heartland Poker Tour show on public access. I should stop watching it, because I want to scream "DONKEY!", "PLEBEIAN!, "WHORE!".

The "whore!" is my own addition because I wanted to say it. Apologized.


Backwards fitted hat--check
Mirrored Oakleys--OH HELL YES.

Yeah, we've got one of the dudes on the Heartland Poker Tour pegged. Surprised?

1:08am: You thought Norman Chad and Lon Mckjaseljsdajklfjkldaran were bad? Not even close to what I've witnessed.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Sitting at your table now man. It is about 2 hours after your last update so you must be good and sauced by now.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Chad said...

Ha. Yeah, I noticed that you were there. Sin-cere is TERRRRRRIBLE. Please, if I can't stack him, I expect you to do it.

And I'm not that sauced yet. Better change that.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Gemutlichkeit. My favorite German word. Too bad it wasn't good times.

There are some really attractive people on the Heartland Poker Tour...

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

What does that make, 7 posts this year now?

Color me impressed.

(Which I believe is 4 shades lighter than faggot pink, which is just 1 shade lighter than normal pink and two shades darker than barely pink)

At 11:32 AM, Blogger StB said...

How does a bar mess up Paulaner's Hefe???

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Bloody P said...

Dude, I LOVE the Heartland Poker Tour! It's the lowest common denominator of televised poker. Last season I think the guy who won said he was going to pay for school and buy beer with his winnings.

Gastoff's....ahhhh. Memories. Don't forget to snort the snuff.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

You're better off hitting up a Bierstube then that crap of a bar.

Drinking from a boot = manly and you should have many many frauleins hopping on your junk


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