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Monday, January 30, 2006

8 days since I've posted, so I suppose it's about that time, huh?

Thursday the 20th was a strange day. I went out that night with my friend Rachel, stumbled home a little drunk, and when I wiped the crusty out of my eyes the following morning, I noticed a note on my desk that said "Don't forget you're going to Vegas."

Going to Vegas? When?

For that day. What can I say? I'm pliable when I'm drunk. If you ever want me to do anything, just get to me after my fourth shot of Jager. Don't worry, I'll do it.

Kill the Queen while she's sitting at an Angels game? I don't see why not. Book a flight to Vegas for the next day? Easy peasy.

I'm writing this at the bar right now, and there's a random guy and girl off to my right fighting about a women's place in commercial crab fishing. She's going to win, mainly because he's a douche.

Anyhow, I flew out that Friday at 4:30pm. My first mistake of the weekend was not taking the $300 voucher to give up my seat. Had I done that, I would've came out ahead for the weekend. As it was, I finished even, minus airfare, which was cheaper than I thought it would be.

For the weekend, I played nothing but $1/2NL at Harrah's, the IP, MGM and Binion's. I thought about sitting down at a $4-$8 table, but I was not in the mood to grind out a small profit for the weekend. While down at Binion's on Sunday, we were approached by a man with a cum catcher that started the conversation with "Have I got something for you..."

Now, I don't know about you, but when a man starts a conversation that way with me, I insinctively clinch my ass cheeks tightly together. Fortunately, though, he didn't want a lesson in sodomy, he wanted to invite us to play in the ASWSOP to be played later that day in Benny's Bullpen.

Little did we know, a lot too late of course, that the tourney was a $30k freeroll with the top prize being a entry into the main event of this year's WSOP. I was just giddy to be playing in such a legendary place, that I didn't even question the prize pool. Even though it was sponsored by Vans, how was I to know that it was that great of a deal? Right, I could've asked. Too bad the structure sucked; 5k in starting chips doubling every 15 minutes. By the end of level 2 I was all in repeatedly.

I'm getting annoyed by the people to my right, so I'm going to log off before I throw my laptop at the fuckers head. I think I'll entitle my next post "Online poker sucks, but not as much as that guy over there".


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

Let that be a lesson to everyone out there.

When a sketchy dude invites you to something, you should always go. Sure, it could turn out to be a party involving only you and the sketchy dude's penis, but thems da breaks!

Also, you should always carry two laptops. This way, when somebody is just begging to get a laptop thrown at them, you can do it and live-blog about it at the same time.


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