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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"I hate that every time I visit this blog, this is the post I have to see. Making me cringe man...

Please post something new so I don't have to "think about chad" anymore!


That's precisely the reason that I haven't posted anything lately. How am I ever going to top something like that, something that seemed to disturb so many people on many different levels? I can't!

While I was going to leave that be your last image of me before meeting up in Vegas, I'll back down and puke out some form of gibberish.

I went out to my car today, you know, in order to start it before work, and the damn thing wouldn't start. Below zero temperatures are hell on car batteries, I guess. After trying everything in my car starting arsenal--which is admittedly just turning the key until all response ceases--I surmised that the battery was, in fact, dead, and needed to purchase one that, oh I don't know, worked? Yeah, worked.

The problem with Minneapolis is that it's not very conducive to any kind of travel, unless you have your own vehicle. It's not like Chicago with it's El, or NYC with the subway, oh no. If you want to get somewhere quickly and you don't have a car, you better be a fast walker.

Checker Auto is exactly 4 blocks from my house. Have you tried to carry a battery any length? It's not easy. I lift weights, but after lifting last night, I thought my arms were going fall off somewhere around block two and a half.

After reattaching my arms, the next conquest I'd need to make was removing the old battery. Fuck that. Fuck corrosion. Right in the ear. I had to pry the old connection off the old battery terminals, so the new battery is just kinda wedged in there. I'm sure if I go over a bump, the next time I get out of my car, it's not going to start. But it's running right now, though, and that's what matters. The whole ordeal only took 5 hours.

No, that's not a typo.

I am so not high class. But I'm sure that was apparent by a mere glance at my rock-awesome 95' Geo Prizm. Aqua, in case you're wondering. And we all know you were.

What else?

Oh, Vegas. Wee! Drizz and I arrive in Vegas at 6:46pm tomorrow evening. Though we didn't plan it, we have the same NWA(niggaz with attitudes, bitches) flight out. Now if I could just get him to not check that 12 pack of Schell for Mr. Speaker, we'd be golden.

I won't be playing any poker tonight--I cashed out a few days ago, accounts are emptier than Jessica Simpson's melon...uh, her head, not some weird uniboob--but I will be around on the girly chitchat device. I didn't send my info back to Mr. Rini, and if you already have my number from the last event, it's changed. I'm not lying when I say that crazy girls are to blame, super crazy girls. If you want my new number(and I'm sure you do) send me a B-U-Z-Z and I'll give it to you.

Vegas HO!


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Thanks - It's about damn time!

See ya in Vegas

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Blame the Twinkies for losing!!!!


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