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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Last night I fired up two $50 NL Party tables, a few Firefox windows, Trillian and Outlook Express because, well, even though I don't feel comfortable 3 or 4 tabling, my Adult-Onset Self-Diagnosed ADD(AOSDADD) isn't satiated by the slow play of just two tables. My bankroll is so meager at Party that it shouldn't be justifiable to play one $50NL table, let alone two, but the play isn't any better than the $25NL and I have the patience required to wait around to double up. Or at least I hope do.

I started off by chipping up slowly on both so that I was up about $20--no big deal. I hadn't been getting any cards, but rather stealing orphan pots to build a stack--which I've been getting much better at lately--when I finally picked up aces in LP on one of the tables.

When I first started playing a year and a half ago, my heart would literally skip a beat every time I was dealt pocket aces or kings. But now that I've played so many hands, and now that I realize that anything can and probably will happen, I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty much unfazed by them. They might as well be any two random raise-worthy cards.

3 people limped before me, and I raised it my usual amount. The BB then reraised me his whole stack of about $40. That nervousness that was strangely absent when dealt the aces a moment ago just arrived, and it decided to bring along it's good friends, Perspiration and Fear. While I don't get jittery when I'm dealt a monster, I still most definitely do when involved in a big pot. Even though I know I'm ahead, and I know that I'm going to win more often than not, there's still that adrenaline surge that I love oh-so much.

Of course this is an easy call, and unlike every other fucking site in the world, Party refuses to show the hole cards face up when only two people are in the pot(and all-in), and I have absolutely no idea where I stand until my screen displays the "Eat It Muthafucka!" and the pot is pushed in my direction. This has to be one of my biggest gripes with Party Poker. Why is it so hard to flip the cards over? I hate not knowing what the other person holds, and constantly fearing the worst if a king or a 3 card flush draw shows up on the board. I also feel that I shouldn't be required to check the hand histories, but I do, of course.

And when I checked the hand history, I saw that my opponent decided it wise to risk his whole stack with pocket 8's. Pocket-fucking-8's. Hey, I salute the gamble this guy posesses. I know that I wouldn't be able to do it. However, I pity his stupidity. And he was about to one-up himself in that department.

I rarely have the chat on because it's an unecessary distraction. Whenever I win or lose a large pot, however, I check to see what, if anything, is being said about the hand.

"KK--good hand"
"Bad timing for me to have it"
"Just unlucky"

That's what he typed. Apparently, his software version doesn't have the option to check hand histories in the upper right corner. But mine does, and it showed that he was blatantly lying about his hole cards. Why do this? Why would anyone try to save face when you're essentially faceless in the first place? It boggles my mind.

It's one thing to give false information when you're playing at a B&M, because it's easy to get away with. But online, especially at Party, it's impossible when you're cards are known. I wasn't about to tell him that the option is there, and that he was lying. You can be that he's been tagged and will be followed from now on.


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