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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Friday night went well, over all. Not well for me, though, as I was the only person that finished negative for the night. Only $25, though, and I'd rather pay $25 to play poker all night, than throw it into overpriced drinks at a bar.  I can't whine about the loss, because these home games aren't about adding to my bankroll, they're about having fun, and I had much fun.
We played two NLHE tournaments, and followed it up with a few hours of dealer's choice. I bubbled in the first tournament, finishing in 4th place, when I was getting shortstacked, and raised all-in in LP with KJo, and was called by the chip leader, who had AQo. I can't complain about that, because I was behind all the way, and he'd had a horsehoe firmly planted up his ass all night. In the second tourney, I went out in 5th, and I was a little more disappointed in the way I was eliminated. Not really shortstacked, but looking to steal some blinds, I held A10o in the BB. It was folded around to the SB, who completed, and I decided to push all-in. He called with A7o, and I was pretty happy with that. That is, until he hit his straight on the river. Ugh. Had he hit a 7 on the flop, or turn even, I wouldn't have been so annoyed. Also, had he not thought he'd made a good call,  that would've helped. Getting outdrawn happens, and it rarely effects me, but this stung for some reason.
After this tourney ended, we played dealer's choice that included Omaha, 7-stud, 5 card draw(which is stupid, by the way), and some other game that I forget the name of. All I know is that the pots got bigger than we're used to. I had more fun with these games than I did with the other tournaments, that's for sure. I think the next time we play, we're going to raise the buy-in to $20-$30 and only play one tournament a night, and follow that up with side games. Everybody enjoyed the late night games more, even the people that lost the most money in them. We might even try an Omaha tournament, who knows.
I'm in the process of looking for a new apartment, because our lease is up Sept. 1st, and we all need a change of scenery. If our new place is bigger(and it can't be much smaller), I'm going to try to set-up a bigger tourney. Maybe 15-20 people, depending on how many we can accommodate. Right now, we have room for, at most, 10 people, and that's even a little cramped. I'll know soon enough, I suppose.
Online play:
I haven't been playing online at all, really. In the last week, I've played for a total of an hour at a $25PLHE table on Party. My back has been messing with me lately, and the more I sit, the more it bothers me. The more my back hurts, the less my desire to sit at a table for hours on end. It's an ugly cycle. Until my back is feeling more normal, I'm going to stay away from playing online.


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