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Friday, July 09, 2004

5:00am on a Friday morning, sifting through poker blogs, per the usual, and I come across Mini Iggy's entry on Phil Hellmuth's chip set. Nothing too surprising about this, really. Until you look a little closer.

...What the hell is that? That's cheesier than that silly-assed Chad Brown promo piece on this year's WSOP 7 card stud event. Anyone see that? Wow. Just, wow. It looks like Phil should be saying " wittle wascal, you. Ah-kee-kee-kee. I'll get you back. Hey, how about we resolve this with a tickle fight? No? Ok, you're loss". Nobody does, Phil. Nobody. And that's defintely a $10,000 pose, not a measly $500.

Ah, I digress. Let's get down to what I've been up to, shall we? To do so, I'll have to back up a little. I started out playing on UB, and didn't like my results so I moved over to Party Poker because I'd heard the games were the softest. And they were. After some initial success, I hit a plateau. No matter what I did, I just couldn't make my bankroll go anywhere. It just sat there like Anna Nicole on a couch with a box of powdered donuts, minus the whiney, annoying mumble-voice. I'd win a SNG, and then lose out of the next five. I'd have a winning session at PL HE, and then the next session I'd be down about the same amount I won the last time. It was all just stagnant. Then, a buddy of mine decided to deposit money into Party. He started off playing .50c-$1 limit games and made money immediately. I thought to myself "Hey Chad, you're better (read;more experienced) than he is. Try it!" Mistake. I've never worked on my limit game because it's just a plug-plug-plug away sort of game that I get no excitement over because grinding is such a chore. And my laptop can only fit, at most, two tables at a time, otherwise I'd be liable to have seizures from tables popping up all the time. I hate that, by the way. One or two table grinding is painfully slow. I'm not one to argue with making money, though, so I decided to try my hand at ring games again. Not good. I bled my bankroll down to $19. One-nine. Yup, that's horrendous.

Not wanting to completely destroy my bankroll, I left the $19 on Party, and moved over to Stars to try my hand at their SNG's. I've had some decent success at Stars, I just need to tell myself that my bankroll just isn't ready for $20 MTT's quite yet. No problem, though. After a tough run on Stars the past few days, I decided to run off the rest of that money I had over at Party. Glad I did, too. I've driven that miniscule bankroll up to over $150 after a few decent sessions on the $25 PL games. It would've been over $200 if I hadn't felt bulletproof and had a few beats that knocked me down. I'm a little mad at myself that I even tried to dive into something that I had really no background in. And at low-limits, no less.

So, that's that.

2004 WSOP
I'm sure this has been done to death, but I'll post about it, anyhow. James Vogl is probably a dick, but who am I to say after seeing him on tv for less than an hour? He came off as a pompous ass, but he also had a humble "My mom could win with these cards" side, too. I'm sure that if I played against him, I'd want to throttle him in the throat with a Judo Chop, but that's neither here, nor there. I'll tell you this one thing, though; he's a mighty uncomfortable hugger, that's for sure! Norman Chad was the bigger ass. Come on, quit ragging on the kid. He made more in a few days than you'll make all year. How many WSOP bracelets do you have? Hmmmm? Ahhhhhhhh SNAP!

7 card stud coverage
I'll admit that I know very little about stud, other than the game basics. That's it. The coverage of the event on ESPN definitely didn't help me get a firmer grasp on it, either. They didn't tell us it what the blinds were at, or that it was limit stud. It was obvious after watching a bit. Like I said earlier, I find limit poker incredibly boring, and watching it is even more boring. I'd rather pee on an electric fence*. Just plug away until someone has all the chips. Oh joy! What I did find amazing is how Ted Forrest called down Chad Brown with a pair of 2's in the hole(pocket 2's? I'm unsure of the terminology). The way he slapped his cards on the table, I was expecting him to say "Ha! Take that, you bitch! Ha-ha, just kidding. You win.", fully expecting that he was beat. There had to have been some huge tell that Chad Brown had that I completely missed, though, because Ted's card slap was a confident one. I guess that's why he's there, and I'm here, typing this tripe out.

*I watch Myth Busters, and I know it's highly unlikely to get a shock from peeing on an electric fence. So, I guess by saying that I'd have more fun peeing on an electric fence than watching limit stud, I'm really saying "I'd have more fun peeing".


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