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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Just call me Bubble Boy. Please? I like it. No, really I do. This finish would hurt worse if I hadn't "made myself" bubble. The tournament started at a little after 7pm, and I had plans to go out at about 10 so I really had no business even entering the damn thing.

The first hour, I had very few hands to play. I glanced at my stats real quick at about the 45 minute mark, and I'd played 0% of the 44 hands outside of my blinds. Yes,0% of 44 is indeed 0. I folded nonstop. If the tournament was won by the best folder, I would've obliterated the competition, no question. I was a folding powerhouse, if you will. Will you? Cool. So, after the first hour, I finally got some cards, caught some flops, and moved my stack to about 13,000. Well above the average.

Right after the second break, I was sitting right about T8000 and it was getting close to the time I had to leave. With the blinds of T600/1200, I'm dealt AA in UTG+1, so I raise it 3xBB. Of course, I get no callers and just steal the blinds. Next hand, as UTG I'm dealt AQh, and decide to raise it 3x again, but this time, I get two callers;UTG+1 and 2. Hmmmm. I can't say that I like that one bit. The flop comes out A-10-3, and with top pair, decent kicker, I push all-in. UTG+1 folds, and I'm thinking "Hey, cool, I'm going to win this pot relatively uncontested". I'm not so lucky, though, as UTG+2 calls immediately and flips over 33, for the flopped set. I should've been a little more wary of that person because they'd been the overwhelmingly large stack at the table for quite a bit. I should've slowed down, as the only thing that would've helped me, really, is an abundance of hearts, but it's easier to look back on the hand and say that. On the other hand, if I hadn't pushed at that time, I would've been left severely short-stacked, and wouldn't have had enough "chips" to survive another orbit. I thought I had the best hand at the time. Live and learn, I suppose. With 70-81 only paying $9.86-$4 over the buy-in-I'd rather have a chance at the decent money, rather than pussyfoot my way into a piss poor money finish. $4 profit for a 3 hour tournament is not something to brag about.

Oh well, not too worried about it. With any decent cards whatsoever, it's not that hard to make it deep into these low buy-in tournaments, as people love to just gift you their chips with A-little.


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