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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

No cards

I've just wasted the last 4 hours of my life on Party Poker, being a maniac. Now, before you all go and try to figure out my screen name, tagging me as a megafish, I'll let you know that I was a folding maniac. I was a folding machine. A folding freak, if you will. Check to see the flop in the BB? Yeah, all of those flops came nowhere near hitting. I thought I was still playing poker, but the cards I was getting made no sense. I'd blink, rub my eyes and take another look, only to see that, yup, nothing matched up. Pockets Jacks? Yeah, I had to fold that after the flop came up all over cards. I think I might've even folding the nuts once because the act of hitting the fold button had become so natural, that I just did it instinctively. Those pair of Jacks are the highest that I've seen all night, and the second place finisher is that pair of 3's that I saw about an hour ago, only to have the flop come up A-K-A. Sigh.

I can't even relay any bad beat stories, because you'd actually have to make it to a showdown more than once. Pathetic.

Wait, stop the presses. What's this, a win? I just won a $5 pot when my 10-5o from the big blind absolutely nailed the flop when I hit two pairs. $5. Nice, now I can finally put the down payment on that Hope Diamond I've had my eye on. Eh, who am I kidding? It's going back into one of two vices; beer, and Party Poker.

Ok, things are starting to look up again. Just a second ago, I mistakenly hit "call" on a J-9o that I never should've called, only to give me a straight draw on the flop. I limp wristedly threw out a weak $1 bet into a $5 pot, only to have the other 7- yes, you read that right. There were 7 people seeing the flop- people fold. No challengers. No raise. Nothing. I won my only hand in the last hour by complete accident.

I apologize about erratic nature of this post. I'm trying to play, blog, watch the new WPT episode, see my (yes, they are mine, all mine! Mwahahahahah!)Timberwolves squeak out a win, and drink a beer. It's not easy, I tells ya, being me.


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Keep up the good work!!

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