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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Getting hit by the deck

There are times when someone "gets hit by the deck", and last night, that someone was me. In fact, I think the deck hit me, backed up to get a running start, and hit me again. And again. In my first session, I was up $100 within the hour by getting just ok starting cards, but getting rewarded when the flop would make me a set. Time and time again, that happened. Shortly after the first hour, the table broke up, and I had to move. Hong Kong Phooey.

The second session, the deck continued relentlessly. In the span of four hands, I had 99(which caught a third on the flop),AA,AA,KK...all of which netted me some much needed ching for my bankroll. Poker is a great game, when you're winning, of course. I'm sure that tonight the deck will not be quite so kind, but for now, I'm just going to chalk it up to stunning and clever play.

Stunning and clever...I just made myself shoot water out of my nose.


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