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Thursday, May 27, 2004

After my last attempt at a home poker game, I was a little reluctant in trying to get another night going. What started out as only being 4 in for Friday night, it appears we have 7 more limpers coming into the game. While I'm happy that there will finally be a good turnout, this means that I actually have to tidy up the place and make it user friendly. Our apartment definitely isn't the greatest when it comes to space, and the lack of spac is all but taken up when you throw a big poker table into the mix. At any rate, it should make for a good time.

With that out of the way, I'd like to mention my take on the WSOP. I just wish it would be over, already. With the constant searching of updates, and articles written on it, my work productivity level is hovering right above nil. I bet in the next couple years, we'll see live, day-to-day internet updates. The NCAA got a clue about this, and the poker world can't be far behind.

Come on, though, how can you not enjoy this? I mean, if you get eliminated early today, you get at least $80,000, and that's something I'd gladly take for an apparently "bad" 30th place finish, and then just shuffle off into obscurity. You can't complain about 8-1 on your money, can you? I can't even imagine winning $5 million, but poker after that would be the last thing on my mind. The people that aren't saying what a horrible, lucky player you are, would be the ones that are trying to relieve you of that hefty payday.

Hmmm...looks like Matthias Andersson just doubled up. Andy Glazer is going to be none too happy about that.

I wish this was more fluidly written, but playing HU with Twanner until the sun comes up tends to make that difficult.


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